What are Temporary Orders?

Temporary orders – issued either through mutual agreement or by court decision – establish the momentary rights and obligations of each spouse during divorce proceedings. While these orders may carry over to the final divorce decree, they may also be entirely temporary, only enforced until proceedings have come to an end.

Issues that will be addressed through temporary orders include:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Initial distribution of property
  • Initial distribution of assets
  • Spousal support

To help ensure your best interests are served during temporary orders hearings, it is important to have an experienced and dedicated divorce attorney on your side. Sugar Land divorce attorney Yasmin Kutty has two decades of experience helping families navigate the complexities of property division, child custody and visitation, and other divorce considerations. She is here to stand by your side, represent your interests, and fight for a resolution that meets you and your children’s needs.

Texas Family Code has established what items are included in temporary orders. To meet these requirements, the court demands certain documents, financial disclosures, and other pertinent information be submitted within a specific time frame. Failure to do so or failure to submit all needed documents can result in orders that work counter to your interests. To avoid this and other snags, Attorney Kutty will make sure all pertinent information is provided within specified timelines, and will ensure you are meeting all of the court’s requirements for a swift and beneficial resolution.

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