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Protect Your Assets after Getting Married

Much like a prenuptial agreement, a postnuptial agreement in Texas can be used to divide property and other assets in the case of divorce. Like a prenup, a post-marital agreement cannot be used to determine child support or custody, spousal support, and similar matters that may come up in divorce proceedings. They can, however, be used to partition “community property,” giving them one advantage over pre-marital contracts.

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Post-Marital Agreements & Texas Divorce Proceedings

Post-marital agreements do not require consideration to be enforced during divorce proceedings in Texas. This means that, like a prenuptial agreement, the court will simply write the terms of the agreement into the final divorce decree. However, if one party contests the agreement or claims it was signed under duress, property division may necessitate a trial.

For a postnuptial agreement to be enforceable without consideration, both parties must sign under their own free will. If an argument can be made that one party was coerced, uninformed, or otherwise misled into signing, all community property partitions can come under review. Considerations that will be made in these cases may include the contesting spouse’s knowledge of property and financial obligations along with their understanding of the rights they waived in signing the agreement. To help prevent your agreement form being contested, it is best to have its writing and signing overseen by an experienced and committed Sugar Land family law attorney.

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