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The decision to file for divorce is never an easy one. Difficult emotions combine with practical considerations and fears about what the future holds, all of which can factor into decisions that do not serve your best interests. Our Sugar Land divorce attorney at Kutty Law Firm, PLLC understands the complexities of these delicate and sometimes frightening proceedings. Our Houston divorce lawyer, Attorney Yasmin Kutty, is here to help ease the process and fight for your interests while you navigate through this life-changing event.

To schedule a consultation with an experienced Houston divorce lawyer, call Kutty Law Firm, PLLC at (713) 955-7477 or contact the firm online for help during this trying time.

How Does Adultery Affect Divorce in Texas?

While couples most commonly file for no-fault divorce, adultery can be used as a ground for divorce if it makes sense. Furthermore, adultery can substantially impact the judge’s decision when it comes to alimony and property division.

The definition of adultery is when one spouse voluntarily has sexual intercourse with someone who is not the spouse. If you are accusing your spouse of adultery, then you will need sufficient evidence to prove it.

Can You Date While Getting a Divorce in Texas?

In short, yes. Texas does not have a law against dating if you are amid a divorce. However, it is generally unwise to date during your divorce since it can be perceived of as adultery. This could negatively affect your rights in property division, alimony, custody, and visitation.

Contested Divorces in Sugar Land

In any divorce, you and your spouse will need to come to an agreement on all of the important matters, from child support to property division. When you cannot come to an agreement, you may need to pursue a contested divorce and litigate your case. Contested divorces tend to take longer and can be more emotionally trying for all parties.

In situations which are highly contentious, you may wish to have a Sugar Land family law attorney step in to evaluate your situation, gather all of the necessary information, and work tirelessly to represent your best interests.

A Houston divorce may be contested if you and your spouse cannot agree on:

With any questions about contested divorce, feel free to contact our experienced Houston divorce lawyer.

How Much Does a Texas Divorce Cost?

There are a few factors that will contribute to the cost of your divorce. First, the more contentious a divorce, the more expensive it will be. If matters can be settled amicably and quickly, divorce in Texas does not have to be cost-prohibitive – even when attorneys are involved on both sides.

Factors that can increase the cost of your divorce include:

  • Disagreements over child custody and visitation
  • The need for temporary orders
  • The need to conduct discovery
  • Disagreements over property and asset distribution

In short, if litigation and trials become inevitable, a divorce will become more expensive. Therefore, it is always preferable to settle matters before trial.

Preferable, however, is not always possible.

Attorney Yasmin Kutty has two decades of experience helping men and women navigate the complexities of ending a marriage. By providing honest and insightful advice – even when it runs counter to difficult emotions – Kutty strives to minimize both the emotional and financial cost of marriage dissolution and works towards the conclusion that is in the best interest of her clients and their families.

Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Houston Divorce Lawyer

There are several reasons why someone going through a divorce should consider hiring an experienced Houston divorce lawyer:

  1. Expertise and Knowledge: The expertise and knowledge of a good Houston divorce lawyer can help you determine the best course of action based on your unique situation and provide guidance and legal advice.

  2. Objectivity: An experienced Houston divorce lawyer can provide objective guidance and objectivity during a difficult time.

  3. Protecting Your Rights: Houston divorce attorneys can help ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive a fair settlement, especially when finances and property are involved.

  4. Negotiations: Our Houston divorce lawyers can advocate on behalf of their clients in divorce negotiations to reach an amicable settlement. Assets and debt division, as well as child custody and spousal support can be negotiated.

  5. Courtroom Experience: The divorce lawyer will represent you in court and present your case to the judge effectively if your case goes to trial.

  6. Reducing Stress: With the help of a Texas divorce lawyer, you can focus on rebuilding your life and moving forward after the divorce by handling legal matters and paperwork.

Ultimately, a Houston divorce lawyer can help protect your interests throughout the Texas divorce process by providing valuable legal and emotional support.

Our Sugar Land Divorce Attorney Can Help

Ending a marriage is a complex process for anyone. Coming to an agreement can be a complicated process, particularly when it comes to the equitable distribution of property, financial assets, parenting responsibilities, and debts. Having a knowledgeable advocate on your side to guide you through the process is critical during this life-altering time.

Kutty Law Firm, PLLC represents men and women from Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. If you are considering divorce or if you have already been served with papers, consulting with an experienced Sugar Land divorce lawyer is in your best interest.

Give Kutty Law Firm, PLLC a call today at (713) 955-7477 to make an appointment with our Houston divorce lawyer.

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