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Amicus Attorney in Sugar Land

Providing Protection for the Legal Interests of Children

Not all children will have people able to contend for their best interests in a legal setting. An amicus attorney is one who works alongside the court to provide guidance for a child as they fight for their legal needs. In some cases, an amicus attorney may even oppose the interests of the child if the attorney deems their interests not to be beneficial. Since 2009, our Sugar Land family law attorney at Kutty Law Firm, PLLC has helped in matters of amicus concerns. For help with your case, call our firm today.

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Qualifications for an Amicus Attorney

Not just any lawyer is qualified to represent a child’s interests. Each amicus lawyer is required to undergo child advocacy training or have experience equivalent to that training. Depending on how the courts choose to proceed with a case — whether the child will have a lawyer for themselves or whether the attorney will act on the court’s behalf — an attorney is selected based on their qualifications and eligibility.

The job of the amicus attorney is to:

  • Gather information about the parties involved in the case
  • Find out the objectives of the child in a developmentally appropriate manner
  • Take time to understand the facts and context of the case
  • Gather records about the child
  • Uphold the child’s interests and seek settlement of issues
  • Sign orders that involve the child

How an Amicus Attorney Represents a Child

While it may seem that an amicus attorney is bound to protect and uphold the interests of the child, the truth is that the lawyer must help the child understand their legal options as clearly as possible. Having experience in this area allows an attorney to communicate these points in an appropriate way. The lawyer can then share the child’s objectives with the court to help the involved parties better understand what will best serve the child’s needs.

Who Pays for Services?

Amicus attorneys cannot be funded by the state. Amicus service fees are shared between the parties involved. It is important that the amicus attorney be able to fairly and objectively represent the needs and best interests of the child.

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