Texas Child Support Enforcement Measures


Once a child support order has been entered, it is in effect until modified through proper legal channels. A request to modify a support obligation can be made every three years, though barring significant financial changes, these orders are not traditionally easy to alter. If you need help with reviewing or petitioning for the modification of your child support order, Sugar Land family law attorney Yasmin Kutty would be happy to meet with you to review your case and discuss your options.

If you are facing changes that have made payment of your child support order difficult, it is important that you continue to pay your monthly obligation all the same. Failure to pay your monthly obligation will result in enforcement action from the State Attorney General’s office including:

  • Requiring your employer to take funds out of your paycheck
  • Intercepting funds from state and federal sources including tax returns and lottery winnings
  • Filing liens against property and assets
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Suspension of hunting and fishing licenses
  • Seeking court enforcement of payment

These measures can be enacted almost instantaneously through electronic sources. The State Attorney General’s Child Support Division has the capacity to cross reference state and federal databases for swift suspension of all licenses and can begin the garnishment process in a matter of hours. If you are struggling to pay your support obligation, Attorney Kutty can review your situation and your options to help you find the most effective way to protect yourself while still providing for your child.

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