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How Do I Know My Child Support is Being Spent Properly in Texas?

When couples with children divorce or split up, both parents are responsible for payments toward the well-being of their children. The primary parent is typically entitled to child support payments from the other parent. So, what happens if the primary parent does not use the payments as intended? In this blog, our child support attorneys will discuss navigating this issue while working toward a resolution.

How Is Child Support Supposed to Be Used?

Child support payments are a vital source of income intended to be used for the everyday expenses associated with raising a child. Generally, child support payments are intended to be used for the following:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Educational

The amount of child support paid each month is based on several factors, including each parent's income, time spent with the child, and any special needs the child may have.

What Happens If Child Support Payments Are Misused?

A few options are available if you believe your former partner is misusing child support payments. First, we recommend speaking to your ex about it. There could be a misunderstanding about how the money is supposed to be used. If talking it out is futile, you can contact your state's Child Support Enforcement Agency and file a complaint. This complaint can escalate into an investigation that will go to Court.

If the other party is found guilty of misusing the payments, the Court may be able to garnish their wages or suspend their driver's license until the misused amount of money is returned. The parent making the payments may also be eligible for modifications to be made to the original child support agreement.

Additionally, you can hire an attorney to help you gather evidence and take legal action against the other parent. They will assist you with contacting the agency to begin an investigation. This situation is challenging to navigate on your own, so asking for professional help is vital.

At Kutty Law Firm PLLC, we understand that child support can be a complex and emotional issue. That's why we're here to help. Our experienced attorneys can help you navigate the legal system and ensure your child's needs are met.

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