What is an Ad Litem Attorney?

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An ad litem attorney represents children or adults who are otherwise incapable of representing themselves. In Texas, an ad litem attorney will be appointed by the court in cases involving:

  • Child protection
  • Custody and visitation
  • Termination of parental rights
  • Adoption cases that do not involve an agency

Houston ad litem attorney Yasmin Kutty has decades of experience working as a court appointed representative of children. She is also an experienced amicus attorney.

Similar to an ad litem attorney, an amicus attorney will be appointed by the courts in cases that will impact the parent/child relationship. Unlike an ad litem attorney, an amicus attorney works to protect a child’s best interests, but does not provide direct legal representation.

Family Law

Family law is complex and often involves difficult emotions. Having an attorney who can help you navigate these cases is essential for both peace of mind and the success of your case. While court appointed attorneys can be necessary in some cases, it is always preferable to settle disputes either through mediation or with the help of a lawyer you have chosen yourself.

Yasmin Kutty is a dedicated family law attorney serving Houston, Sugar Land, and all surrounding areas of Texas. In practice since 1996, Attorney Kutty has been representing families in the Houston area for the past seven years. With a deep understanding of family law in Texas and a commitment to helping her clients get the most preferable results, Yasmin Kutty remains a trusted resource and advocate for all of her clients.

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