Begin Planning Holidays Now

If you are recently divorced or separated from your child’s other parent, the upcoming holidays may pose some unforeseen complications. Your child visitation schedule will outline where your child spends specific holidays, but life does not always conform to schedules. If you and your co-parent are able to work together, making adjustments shouldn’t be too difficult. But what can you do when your family’s needs don’t fit nicely with a general visitation schedule?

In Texas, your child visitation schedule is essentially set in stone. There are situations in which the court will grant a modification to an existing order, but not exclusively for special circumstances like Christmas and Thanksgiving, particularly when the changes are needed only once or twice. Unfortunately, if you cannot agree on temporary modification, your best option is to change your plans and keep the schedule as is.

How to Ask for Exceptions

If you are requesting special time, taking a reasoned approach and offering equal time in return is often best. If you are asking for extended time or specific days, your child’s other parent may want something similar next year or for their upcoming family events. Offering an exchange up front can help make these negotiations much more effective. Compromise is not always easy, but it is typically the best route when working with a co-parent.

Permanently modifying your child visitation schedule to accommodate a single holiday does not make sense, but modifying to protect the health or safety of your child does. If you believe your visitation order needs to be modified for the safety of your child, please contact the Kutty Law Firm online or by calling our Houston office at (713) 955-7477 to schedule a consultation today. Attorney Kutty serves families living in and around the counties of Montgomery, Brazoria, and Fort Bend.