Why Kids and Parents Should Get Counseling During the Divorce Process

Divorce is a major life event that can be difficult for spouses and their children to cope with. While it is common for spouses to go through therapy or counseling at this time to work through the issues they might be experiencing as they acknowledge the failure of their marriage, it is also just as important for children to receive counseling, so they have a safe space where they can express their feelings and ask questions they might not feel comfortable asking their parents.

Parents often want to believe that their children are fine and might try to gloss over the incredible impact this situation can have on their children. Unfortunately, no matter how much you wish for them to be okay, the truth is they are probably struggling with their family is going through and feeling an immense amount of anxiety regarding the future.

Helping Your Children Through Divorce with Counseling

Not only is it difficult for children to express everything they are feeling to their parents, but parents might not always have the answers when it comes to offering ways to cope since they are likely experiencing a lot of stress and emotional turmoil as well.

Below are some of the benefits your child can gain from counseling during this difficult time:

  • If you have multiple children and they are experiencing problems with one another, a family counselor can work with them to ease these tensions and repair any rifts in their relationship.
  • Your child can discuss his or her feelings or ask questions. A counselor can also help your child process thoughts regarding the divorce.
  • Since the household might be in a state of chaos and feel unstable for your child, regularly scheduled counseling visits can provide a secure environment in which your child is able to feel safe.
  • A counselor can also monitor your child’s behavior and serve as an extra set of ears and eyes during this overwhelming time.

Signs Your Children Need Counseling or Therapy

Generally, it is helpful for everyone in a family to see a counselor or therapist during a divorce.

Here are some of the more telling signs that indicate your child might need counseling:

  • Other trusted individuals in your child’s life have expressed concern
  • Your child’s behavior is interfering with the everyday routines of your lives
  • You feel disappointed, exhausted, or angry with your child much of the time
  • Your child appears to be consistently sad
  • Your child lost interest in spending time with friends or is experiencing difficulties with fellow peers

Consider Counseling for Yourself

Your children are not the only ones who are going to need help getting through the divorce process. The end of a marriage is not unlike a death. You will go through many of the familiar stages of grief, including denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and eventual acceptance. Divorce can also make you feel incredibly alone and there is only so much venting your friends can handle. Hire a divorce counselor who will give you the space and time to let out everything you are feeling without having to be concerned about how petty or ridiculous you might sound.

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