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How Much does Divorce Cost in Texas?

Divorcing Couple

There are a number of factors that will contribute to the cost of your divorce. First and foremost, the more contentious a divorce, the more expensive it will be. If matters can be settled amicably and quickly, divorce in Texas needn’t be cost-probative – even when attorneys are involved on both sides.

Factors that can increase the cost of your divorce include:

  • Disagreements over child custody and visitation
  • The need for temporary orders
  • The need to conduct discovery
  • Disagreements over property and asset distribution

In short, if litigation and trials become inevitable, a divorce will become more expensive. This is why it is always preferable to settle matters before trial.

Preferable, however, is not always possible.

Houston divorce attorney Yasmin Kutty has two decades of experience helping men and women navigate the complexities of ending a marriage. By providing honest and insightful advice – even when it runs counter to difficult emotions – Attorney Kutty strives to minimize both the emotional and financial cost of marriage dissolution and works towards the conclusion that is in the best interest of her clients and their families. During your initial consultation, Mrs. Kutty will listen carefully to your situation and provide you with information regarding your rights and your options, helping you better understand the speed at which your case will likely come to its most preferable end.

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