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Contested Divorce - Divorce Lawyer

You and your spouse have reached the point of no return and there is no hope of reconciliation, the next step is filing for divorce.  A divorce is contested if any one of the following areas are...

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Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Guidelines for a Flat Fee Uncontested Divorce

The Kutty Law Firm PLLC will handle an uncontested divorce for a flat fee of ...

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Child Support Lawyer

Child support can be set, modified and enforced. It can be part of the divorce or in a separate order in suit affecting the parent child relationship. The parties do not need to be married to...

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In order to obtain child support, paternity must be established. It can be established automatically if the child(ren) are born during a marriage. If the parties are not married, it can be...

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Other Uncontested Flat-Fee Matters

Sugar Land family law attorney Yasmin Kutty offers a full range of services, enabling her to meet the varied needs of families living in the Houston area....

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Fort Bend County Adoption Lawyer

Adoption is a wonderful way to add to your family and provide a loving environment for a child who is not your own. This commitment, while noble and rewarding, is not as straight forward as you...

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Divorce Lawyer

The decision to file for divorce is never an easy one. Emotional complexities combine with practical considerations and fears about what the future holds, all of which can factor into making...

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Family Law Attorney

If you are in need of a family law attorney in Sugar Land, Houston or surrounding areas, Yasmin Kutty is here to help. Understanding the complexities and unique emotional challenges that accompany...

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Child Custody & Visitation Lawyer

Child custody and visitation can either be addressed in a divorce or in a suit affecting the parent child relationship (also known as a SAPCR), which is a suit filed when the parties are not...

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