Firm Overview

Sugar Land Family Law Attorney Representing Houston, Katy, Conroe, The Woodlands & nearby TX Areas

The Kutty Law Firm handles family law matters in the areas of divorce, child support, child custody/visitation, paternity, adoption, marital agreements, property agreements, ad litem and amicus representation.  The client’s needs come first and foremost at the Kutty Law Firm.

Yasmin Kutty is here to advocate for her clients and to assist them in resolving their family law issues as judiciously and economically as possible.  Cases are handled with the utmost care and attention.

Our firm strives to simplify the legal issues through organization of the client’s financial information, marital information and family history.  The gathering of this material at the start is critical for a thorough assessment of the case and for use in litigation of contested matters.

After a client is retained, the completion of the intake form is utilized in preparing the initial pleadings in a family law case. The client is then assigned with “homework” to complete firm forms such as a Financial Information Statement, Expense Breakdown, Inventory & Appraisement, Custody Questionnaire, and Timeline.  The client is asked to provide supporting documentation to substantiate any of the data provided in the completed forms.  This allows the attorney to quickly prepare the case for litigation, mediation and for settlement purposes.

The Kutty Law Firm focuses on obtaining and organizing all of this information from the start.  Our unique process of streamlining all the needed information from the beginning, assists the firm in carving a clear path for each case.  The client can better understand the issues in his/her own case if much of the information is collected and organized ahead of time for review.

Our team consists of a Legal Assistant, Receptionist, Board Certified Paralegal, and Attorney.  We seek to provide comprehensive support for our client needs.  Schedule an appointment now at 713-568-5401. We welcome all clients from Montgomery, Brazoria and Fort Bend counties, along with nearby areas of Texas.