Other Uncontested Flat-Fee Matters

Sugar Land Family Law Attorney Representing Houston, Katy, Conroe, The Woodlands & nearby TX Areas

Sugar Land family law attorney Yasmin Kutty offers a full range of services, enabling her to meet the varied needs of families living in the Houston area. Divorce comprises the bulk of our business and Mrs. Kutty handles all three types available in Texas: contested, uncontested, and by publication.

In addition to divorce, Attorney Kutty helps families in Texas navigate complex and often emotionally trying family law matters including:

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Flat-Fee Agreements for Divorce and Other Family Law Matters

Our flat fee is considered non-refundable once paid and is considered fully earned upon receipt of payment from the client. We do not prepare itemized bills for these services because we do not charge by the hour for uncontested matters. Please be advised that any work which is not included in the flat fee is due at time the service is rendered.

Depending on the out-of-pocket expenses anticipated in handling the matter, you agree to pay reasonable expenses accrued during the course of your case. Please ensure prompt payment to avoid a loss of representation. Payment authorizes Mrs. Kutty with Power of Attorney to sign Court and other legal documents which may be required in the course of the case. Our office will be designated as your Attorney-at-Law and In-Fact to act in your name, sign legal pleadings on your behalf and to perform the acts necessary and appropriate to effect the above described legal representation. All of this, barring unforeseen expenses, is covered by your flat fee.

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