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Divorce Modifications in Sugar Land

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When a divorce is settled, it may seem like all issues have been laid to rest. In reality, though, modifications are often required after the initial divorce settlement as needs change, new families grow, and other factors serve to render the original decree no longer useful. When you find yourself in this situation, having an experienced and attentive divorce modification attorney on your side is essential to ensuring your rights are protected, your new needs are met, and the best interests of all involved parties are served.

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Divorce Modification in Texas: What Can Be Modified?

In Texas, divorce modification may involve any issues settled in the initial decree.

This can include:

Changes to child support, visitation, and custody are the most common reasons for seeking divorce modification in Texas, but any reason you feel your decree may need modification can be discussed in more detail during your initial consultation with Attorney Kutty. During this visit, Ms. Kutty will listen to your concerns, assess your situation, and help you determine if modification proceedings are the best option for your needs.

Either party can file for a modification, but it is recommended that you work with an experienced divorce attorney to ease the process and ensure all bases are covered.

Modifying Child Support, Custody & Visitation in Texas

Changes in financial circumstances most often lead to modifications in child support, particularly when one parent begins making substantially more or less money. For modifications, there is no change to the way child support is calculated from initial proceedings, making it important that Attorney Kutty fully assess both you and the other parent’s resources before actual changes are requested. When you contact Kutty Law Firm, PLLC to schedule your initial consultation, we will provide you with information on what you can bring to this meeting to help Ms. Kutty in determining if a modification is best at this time.

Child custody and visitation do not rely on changes to financial situations, but they can be related to changes in family structure, the long-distance move or return of a parent, and other factors unique to each family’s situation. As with all aspects of your divorce, custody agreements in Texas are binding, but not set in stone. When situations demand their modification, Attorney Kutty is here to help ensure the best interests of you and your children are met.

Enforcement of Modifications

If your ex is not holding up his or her end of the agreement, you will want to hire an attorney right away. Ms. Kutty can assist you with issues involving property and asset division, as well as those revolving around support payments. The Child Support Division in the Office of the Attorney General can also assist with unpaid child support, though the process can be long and frustrating. Kutty Law Firm, PLLC is here to help you during this time and is prepared to continue pressing your case to help speed up this process.

It is important to remember that child support and child custody agreements operate independently of one another. Even if your spouse is behind on payments, it is always best to honor the existing custody and visitation agreement. Otherwise, you may find yourself joining your ex-partner in contempt of court.

Similar to the original divorce decree, a modification will only work if both parties hold up their end. When one party fails to do what they agreed to or chooses to ignore those things they have been ordered to do, you have every right to hire a family law attorney for assistance in enforcement.

Uncontested Modifications

As with divorce, it is always preferable for modifications to be reached amicably. An uncontested modification can arise when a family needs change and both parties agree on the direction that needs to be taken. As with an uncontested divorce, certain requirements will need to be met for this type of modification. During your initial consultation, Attorney Kutty will discuss these things with you in greater detail to help you choose the best way to move forward.

Your initial consultation gives you an opportunity to discuss your situation with Ms. Kutty and to learn about all of the options available. Kutty Law Firm, PLLC charges a fee of $150 an hour for these meetings unless you qualify for an uncontested/flat-fee service. The accompanying consultation preparation packet, flat-fee contract, and flat-fee FAQ can all be found on our downloadable forms page. Please review the information on this page prior to scheduling your consultation to help make sure you are securing the appropriate services for your specific needs.

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